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====== Welcome ====== Welcome to the AIO Robotics ZEUS online user manual, we are glad you're here! We genuinely hope that the information contained in this manual will help you to have the best possible experiences using the Zeus, as well as helping you to get the greatest possible utility, productivity and satisfaction from the Zeus. If you've just powered up your ZEUS for the first time, once the onboard Linux computer has executed its boot routines, you'll see a screen that looks this: {{::scrnsht_home_page_1.04.25.png?800|}} That's the home page of the ZEUS User Interface ("UI"), we'll explain absolutely everything that's accessible through this home screen shortly, but first we need to make sure that you can navigate the manual to get the greatest utility from it. ====== How to use this manual ====== This manual is not structured in a truly linear fashion. This allows a user to more easily navigate to specific topics and more easily access video content, or other links and supporting information. This page (as in the page you're reading this text from right now, accessed through a web browser) is the home page, or landing page of this manual. It is the "jumping off point", or starting point to get to pretty much everything else. Probably the most important thing to know right away is how to get back to this page. ==== How to get back to the home page: ==== In the upper left hand corner of this page, you'll see a small graphic with a two pencils (one brown and the other green) and the letters "DW" inside of square brackets. Just to the right of this graphic it says "AIO Robotics Support". All you need to do to get back to this home page from anywhere in this manual, is to click on this graphic or the text next to it. Maybe just for kicks, you might want to intentionally navigate away from this page by clicking on some of the links below (the text is in green to indicate a hyperlink) and then click on that graphic to navigate back here. ==== Navigating with the Sitemap: ==== On the far right hand side of the the top of this home page, you'll see the word "Sitemap" in blue text, located just below the search bar. Clicking on "Sitemap" will take you to an alphabetically sorted list of all of the topics in this manual. This is a handy way to get to the information you're after without having to click sequentially through a bunch of stuff you're not in need of at that moment. If you'd like to quickly check it out (which we highly recommend), then please do so, and then to get back to this page (we don;t want you to run off just yet, so please do come back...) either click on the graphic with the two pencils, or if you'd like you can also click on the Sitemap entry called "start", which happens to be the name of this page that the server recognizes. ==== Using the search tool: ==== Of course, you can also search this entire manual for the appearance of specific terms or phrases, in the exact same way that you'd search a pdf or a Word document. ==== Navigating with The Table of Contents: ==== Many of the pages of this manual (but not all of them) will include a Table of Contents at the upper right hand side of the page. The Table of Contents only applies to the particular page on which it appears. Each entry in the Table of Contents is a hyperlink that can also function as a quick navigation tool Got it? Great. Now let's get on to learning about the ZEUS and starting to use it! ====== Where do we go from here? ====== **What would you like to do next??** **(click on the hyperlinks indicated by the text in green)** **You can:** * Get things [[getting started|started]] (takes you to a Quickstart video as well as to the Quickstart guide) * Take a much deeper dive into the [[system menu|System Menu]] (icons on the top right menu) * Go directly to the section on [[print|printing]] * Explore the capabilities of the [[model_editor|ZEUS on-board Model Editor]] (available from version 1.04.04) * Learn how to use the [[How_to_use_the_Pause_Editor|ZEUS on-board Pause Editor feature]] (available from version 1.08.11) * Go directly to the section on the [[search_function|ZEUS on-board search function]] which greatly simplifies browsing and downloading from online 3D model repositories * Go directly to the section on how to [[scan|Scan]] objects * Learn more about [[transfer_file|Transferring files]] to and from ZEUS * Access [[faq|Frequently Asked Questions]] page to address specific questions * Go directly to the [[advanced_workflows|Advanced Workflows]] section to explore advanced topics and supporting information * Go directly to the [[advanced_troubleshooting|Advanced Troubleshooting and Maintenance]] section if you're in need of troubleshooting tips and relevant maintenance information * Go directly to the [[advanced_technical_reference|Advanced Technical Reference]] section

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