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Reflash MicroSD Card Image

If ZEUS UI does not boot up or is showing an error message when booting, it may be the build in Micro SD card is damaged. You might need re-flash a new image on the microSD card, or replace it.

How to Install/Remove the MicroSD Card

  1. Turn off the Zeus and unplug the power supply.
  2. Remove the Cover Plate
  3. Remove the microSD card
  4. Reflash microSD card
  5. Replace microSD card
  6. Replace Cover Plate

How to Remove Cover Plate

Here are the steps to Remove Cover Plate:

  1. Turn off the Zeus and unplug the power supply.
  2. Open the side door and remove the filament spool safely (Please make sure to remove the filament from the extruder head before removing filament spool)
  3. Locate and remove the 4 screws on the bottom cover (pictured below)
  4. Gently remove the cover, this will expose the electronics in the Zeus.

Original ZEUS (Serial DVT1~4)

  1. Locate the microSD slot found on the right side of the board & remove the microSD card by sliding it out gently (pictured below)

New XU4 ZEUS (Serial DVT5A)

  1. If your machine has new computer board(Serial DVT5A). Here is the video how to swap SD card for XU4.
  1. If you are re-flashing the microSD card, please continue reading below for instructions. Then replace the microSD card after re-flashing and replace the electronics cover.

How to Re-flash ZEUS Image to MicroSD Card

Original ZEUS Image

If you machine serial is DVT1~DVT4 Download ZEUS imageHERE

AIO_DVT5_20151215_BIN.img :Update Slicer to 1.2.9, UI to 0.23.30

d2e0f323eb00189a1833869f6c3de557 AIO_DVT5_20151215_BIN.img

New XU4 ZEUS Image

If your machine is new computer board(Serial DVT5A) You will need use different SD image. The Zeus XU4 sd card image is from here.

515ce4bd58a1b69fdc8e277216d936be AIO_XU4_20160826_BIN.img


  1. Win32diskimager you can download from HERE

Installing Win32DiskImager

After Install. Run this as Administrator

Using Win32DiskImager

Having plugged in your SD card, (re)start Win32Diskimager. Choose the drive you want to copy the image to (in example case G: ).

choose the drive with your SD card to write the ZEUS image on Then click on the folder icon and choose the unzipped .img file from earlier that you want to put on the SD card. Then click Write, to write the Operating system on the card from the .img file.

Write OS image from .img file to SD card

You will then be asked to confirm. Check carefully that you are writing to the correct device and if so, click Yes.

Check device and confirm The progress bar will show you how far it’s got.

Progress indicator When it’s finished it looks like this.

Mac & Linux

For mac, use diskutil list to find your SD card location.

Then use diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk[Your Disk Number] to umount disk

For linux, use sudo fdisk -l to find your sd card location

To flash image to SD card

dd if=[ZEUS Image File] of=/dev/[Your SD Card Location]

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