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====== Filament Breakage & Shifting Layer Issues ====== We have redesigned the filament spool holder. This new filament spool holder can fit any standard PLA filament spool without the need of filament spool adapters. The new filament spool holder design can be downloaded, 3D printed, and retrofitted to all existing Zeus units. {{|Download the NEW Filament Spool Holder here.}} The file should be sliced with default slicer settings and at least 30% Infill setting. {{:spoolholderred.jpg?200|}} {{::1441699481389.jpg?200|}} {{:1441699498518.jpg?400|}} ===== Instructional Video ===== How to retrofit your Zeus with the new Filament Spool Holder along with tips on the proper position of the filament feed tube below. {{youtube>ncwmwpFEx6E?medium}} ====== New Filament Guide Tube Replacement Instructions ====== To retrofit your Zeus with the new filament tube, you will need: - 2x Grommets[[|grommets]] - 1x 40cm Length [[|PTFE Tube OD 5mm ID 3mm]] - 1x 9/32" [[|drill bit]] {{::zeusgrommet.png?400|}} {{:zeusfilamenttube5x3.png?400|}} {{:1441699488468.jpg?400|}} {{::platehook_holelocation.png?400|}}

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